New Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook


Now that you have earned the rank of Life Scout, you may now plan and get the approval for your Eagle Scout Project.  The Eagle Scout Project Workbook is available online as a PDF file, and it is available in both PC and MAC formats.  This is a zip file that you download to your computer and is very user friendly.  You may import pictures, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and other files. (See the bottom of this letter)

Please read and complete the Information section, the Proposal section and as much of the Planning section as you are able. This is a Council requirement, as well as having an original with signatures and three copies of the Workbook. Once you have completed your Proposal, you will need to schedule an appointment with your District Eagle Board.

Currently, the PDL Board meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 7pm at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, 4665 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL.  The Aucilla Board is scheduled the second Tuesday of each month in Crawfordville, FL,  and the Thunderbird Board meets in GA as scheduled by the coordinator.

You should have your signed original and three copies of the workbook ready two weeks prior to the Boards.  The PDL and Aucilla boards will have the workbooks turned in to the Scout Service Center while the Thunderbird Board will have the books submitted through its Board Coordinator.

The PDL Eagle Board Coordinator is Bill Boyle,  and phone (850) 212-7385

The Aucilla Eagle Board Coordinator is David Damon, and phone (850) 251-4166

The Thunderbird Eagle Board Coordinator is Allen Phelps,  and phone (229) 403-0410

Remember that Scouts MUST USE the most current workbook which is dated May 2014 and it should be filled out with as much detain as you are able. The Council’s stance is, the amount of detail submitted in the workbook shows the Eagle candidates level of Preparedness and the Leadership as to their project.  As stated in the National Advancement Guide, the workbook is the ONLY means of evaluating the boy’s leadership of his project by the Board. It is highly recommended that each troop provide scouts an Eagle Mentor to help the process.

Finally, after completing the project, and prior to the final Board of Review, the Candidate MUST request the “Verified Eagle Application” which is ONLY available from the Scout Service Center.  Please call (850) 576-4146 and the Final Application can be printed and picked up or we can mail it. This application requires the Council Eagle Registrar’s signature along with the Scouts signature and the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair signatures.  Also the scout must complete requirement 7, which is the Scouts’ life ambitions and aspirations.  The Council requires five letters of recommendation which are annotated on the final application. These must be received prior to the Final Board.

Remember, you CANNOT PRINT YOUR OWN EAGLE APPLICATION FROM ONLINE.  It will not be accepted! Only the Electronic “Verified Application” will be accepted.  Call the Scout Office at (850) 576-4146 if you have any questions or need help.

Click here for the latest Eagle Scout Project Workbook